A Studio Tour

Today I am going to take you on a little tour of the Hands to Work Studio. 

The studio is located in my home, on the upper floor of the old part of my house, which is rumored to have been a tavern. If you were to drop by unannounced, this might be what you would see:

Hands to work textiles Emily hemming stairway

When I'm not at the loom, I tend to sit at the top of the stairs. In fact it's where I'm sitting right now as I type. This is also the hand-sewing station. The fabric draped over the railing is all waiting to be sewn. The top of the stairs is also the location of the only heating vent in the studio, so I often sit here to warm my toes in winter. 

Just behind me is the little loom room, where my 8-shaft Öxabäck Lilla lives. This loom is 80cm (32 inches) wide and is a vertical countermarch. I don't recommend buying a house for the wallpaper, but the wallpaper this room makes my heart sing. 

Hands to work textiles little loom room

Also in the little loom room is the yarn closet. As you can see it, inside the yarn closet is a different (older) wallpaper of roses. 

Here we are looking back toward the stairs. 

The area around the stairs is used for tool storage, the HTW library and also houses the quill winding station. 

The big loom room houses my 10-shaft Stabila loom (a knock off Glimåkra from the 70's) that I purchased from Vävstuga's first ever apprentice, Celeste. 

Hands to work textiles big loom room

This room is also where the serging and machine sewing happen (although most HTW machine sewing is done by a local seamstress). 

Hands to work textiles big loom room work table

My prize winning, nudist, handspun "knitted babe" watches over the work.  She is nestled in amongst various other treasures. 

Hands to work textiles knitted babe

Here you can see more treasures, flax processing tools and a covered light switch, which in my opinion is also a treasure.  That LP peeking out is Annette Funicello's Muscle Beach Party, silly 60's surf fun. The "Art Worker" button is a gift from my Dad

Hands to work textiles studio tour

 I want to thank Kira Frech who is responsible for most of the photography here. She and I spent a week weaving together which was an absolute joy. More on that in a different post! Until next time, you'll know where you can find me.


  • Aunt Monica

    Absolutely love viewing this tour and seeing where you create such beautiful items. Happy for you, Emily. Sending my best to you and E.li. By the way I have a one year old grandson with the name Eli Thomas.

  • Vicky Walker

    Absolutely you, the entire space. So cool.

  • Kira Frech

    Aww, Love it!

  • Karen Harrison

    What a wonderful tour, beautiful home, amazing working tools of your trade, awesome young lady.

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