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Hands To Work Textiles

Hands to Work Textiles is a small scale, cottage industry business specializing in handwoven textiles for the home. All Hands to Work Textiles products are designed and manufactured in Western Massachusetts by Emily F. Gwynn. Emily weaves on a Swedish-style loom using techniques and tools that would have been familiar to weavers of the Ancient World. Her goal is to create heirloom-quality functional textiles that enhance the beauty of any home. 

About Emily

Emily is a graduate of the apprentice program at the Vävstuga Weaving School in Shelburne Falls where she studied under Becky Ashenden. In addition to her work as a production weaver for Hands to Work, Emily has also taught and lectured about her weaving and other fiber arts topics at shops, shows & events, fairs, guilds and craft schools around the country.

(To enquire about booking Emily for teaching or speaking engagements please email emily@handstoworktextiles.com.)


“As Hands to Work Textiles, I specialize in weaving heirloom-quality textiles for the home. My work is expertly crafted from the finest materials, both built to withstand daily use and elegant enough for special occasions. Table linens are my passion, but I also weave blankets, pillows, kitchen towels and other home textiles.

Handweaving, and the weaving of functional objects in particular, can sometimes seem out of touch with contemporary life. In fact, the practice of making cloth by hand keeps us grounded and in touch with our human history and our ancestors. I studied weaving in the Scandinavian tradition and use a Swedish-style loom, which is technologically indistinguishable from what weavers were using a millennia ago. I work primarily with cotton, linen and wool, all fibers that would be familiar to weavers of the past.

In our modern world, fabric and textiles can seem too commonplace, and too disposable, to attract much notice at all. My goal as a weaver is to elevate everyday textiles to a place where they can be not just looked at, but seen. Once seen, they can inspire feelings of comfort, joy, serenity and peace. These are some of the feelings that I have as I sit at my loom and build a fabric, thread by thread, moment by moment.

When a client purchases something from me, it is more than just a napkin or tablecloth; it is a record of moments, woven into cloth.”

Hands to Work Textiles is committed to the economic health of Western Massachusetts. Part of that commitment means utilizing local talent whenever possible. Emily is also committed to supporting the larger weaving community and is always eager to connect with others working in craft.

To schedule a digital or in person studio visit please click here.

To enquire about booking Emily for teaching or speaking engagements please email emily@handstoworktextiles.com.

A look inside the Hands To Work studio